The work on this blog is content that I personally create and my work is copyrighted.
Pictures, videos or songs which I may use on my post may be content owned by others and as of 24-3-2016 I am going to name the people who own the content that is not owned by me, but is used in this blog (such as songs, pictures, texts, quotes etc.). If I can't find the owner of the content I use, I will name the source of it and if anybody knows to whom the content belongs please notify me and I will name them.
Use of my work is prohibited under any circumstances, unless I am notified.
That means that you may use (part of) my content for something you want to create, and you are permitted to do so, under my Terms Of Use.
 My terms are :
You have to email me first ( and let me know and you have to properly refer to me and my content when you use it.
Copying my work is prohibited and it is forbidden to use it as yours in any way, shape or form that goes against the copyright rules of my blog. Any use of the content of my blog is not allowed, unless I am notified and I approve of the use of my content. 
Even if I am notified and I agree to its' use, you have to acknowledge me and my blog, otherwise it is prohibited and in the event that someone may use Plagiarism (using my content without my permission or not crediting me/my blog as the original source) I will contact them and try to have the content taken down by them. If the content isn't taken down willingly, I will have to take action for its' proper attribution to me and/or for the content to be taken down by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and the WCT (World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty/WIPO Copyright Treaty).

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